Dear Friends!...

We are becoming whole when we allow the Being  in Now to touch our heart, to enter inside us. Each Soul is a mirror of us and each mirror, with its shadow is actually US. We sparkle as much as we increase the light in our darkness, we become LOVE.
We are ready for an extraordinary sharing in this journey which we will reach God altogether…
“SALVATION PATH ENERGY “will speed up your spiritual development.  It provides physical and spiritual healing as it strengthens our spirituality.
It helps us to feel peace, joy and unconditional love deeply.
In these days, which we are stepping in to a new period of time, with this energy system presented to us for strengthening our spirituality on the road to enlightenment, the POSITIVE SYNERGY that is created in-between us, will decrease the negative energy which is affecting the spirituality in our world and by increasing the Divine light within us, will support us to create our Heaven on Earth.


Salvation Path Energy is a brand new energy learned by group work.
It consists of some information that humanity never had during the whole civilization.
Even though the energy is very strong, it is as much soft. Because of this, for the first 7 months, we could accept only those who had certain level of purification. During the passed period of time, the quantity of the people possessing this energy increased considerably and the energy settled at certain level. We are happy to see everyone whether they are initiated to any energy system or not now.
Salvation path energy came to some point, especially with the help of some techniques, but it creates great changes in those who need a push to move forward. It provides the magical touch they need to those who want to go further that where they are. Salvation Path Energy is being transferred with the help of Seven Wise Beings during the initiation. And it provides us to get guidance from the Sages.
The symbols have various usages. As there are symbols for physical problems and balancing the energy, there are symbols for improving telepathic abilities, to go from unease and distress to positive thinking and most important, there are symbols to increase our power to attract and manifest our wishes. There is introductory information about the symbols in the forum section of our site for those who have not received attunement. Naturally, to be able to use the symbols, one has to be initiated to Salvation Path Energy.
The initiation by itself enables a great change and transformation. Even though a lot of changes happen in our lives after the initiation, with short and simple practicing of SPE we can materialize our wishes.

The main changes you can expect from the seminar are, freeing from our intellect and patterns, to step forward towards none judging, being sincere, getting in direct communication with the universe, and increase in our power to change the realities around us positively. With the symbols given in time, Salvation Path Energy is improving every day. We shared the initiation information with you as of December 19th 2008. Our friends, who are attuned, can do attunements now. Those who do not have the new 50 pages of notes including the attunement information can get the notes from us. These notes include 21 practice symbols and 5 master symbols. You can download the notes from the below link.


We invite you to this new study, which you will bathed by the Divine Blue light and be initiated to Salvation Path Energy, with the accompaniment of the divinely assigned Wise Beings.

Click to download  the Salvation Path Energy notes.

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